Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Too Much: Man Dies After Taking Caffeine Equivalent Of 70 Energy Drinks~

A 23-year old British man died at a party after ingesting 70-energy drinks worth of caffeine powder. Being the life of the party: you did it wrong. Get it?! Because he died~

A statement on the caffeine's packaging says to not ingest more than 1/16 of a teaspoon, but according to testimony given at the inquest, the man swallowed spoonfuls of the caffeine -- the equivalent of 70 cans of energy drink. He became ill within a matter of minutes~

While police have said there were no suspicious circumstances and the deceased was not acting illegally, the local coroner criticized both the availability and labeling of the powdered caffeine:~

"Caffeine is so freely available on the internet for £3.29 [$5.27] but it's so lethal if taken in the wrong dose and here we see the consequence...

Who would take [one sixteenth of a teaspoon]? It's such a small dosage, the warning is so small on the front of it~

If you're sharing a bag, carrying it around and if you hadn't seen the warning - it could be that anyone at the party could have taken it. It's so dangerous to take something like this~"

Sharing a bag?!?! Hey bro -- wanna go halfsies on a bag of caff? "No, and you can't have any of my beer or weed either." You know, I guess all the caffeine really gave dude wings after all. Get it?! Because he's an angel. Now -- fetch my Little Sister, daddy needs a new plasmid~

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