Thursday, April 30, 2009

Amazing Star Trek NG Home Theater~

Someone thought it would be a good idea to model their home theater after the Enterprise NCC-1701D from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The result is super geeky, but actually rather cool. Named the best theme theater installation at CEDIA, this Palm Beach County, FL home features motion-activated air-lock doors with series sound effects, and a “Red Alert” button on the Crestron TPMC-10 controller to turn all of the LEDs bright red and flashing. The system also features “one of the largest Kaleidescape hard-drive based storage systems” ever created, amassing eight servers with 3,816 DVDs~

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Madden for the Wii takes a page from the Team Fortress 2 book~

Electronic Arts announces that they're going for a stylized look for the Nintendo Wii version of the next Madden game. As you can see from the screenshot up there, it's a very Team Fortress 2 approach. Will this play with football purists? Probably not, but then again, they're probably not playing Madden on the Wii~

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MASS Effect Coming to iPhone~

You’re probably aware that the sequel to Bioware’s blockbuster action RPG Mass Effect is already in the works, but did you also know that a prequel will also be released? And that it’s on the iPhone? Well now you do. The new game was leaked by a Joystiq reader, and according to the info the game’s protagonist, Jacob Taylor, is “a biotic-powered super-soldier who stumbles across a plot to terrorize civilization’s greatest beacon of hope.”As you can see the game will be a top-down shooter ala GTA II. It’s supposedly a short game, clocking in at just 2 hours, half of which consists of elevator rides. Kidding. Mass Effect: Jacob’s Story will reportedly cost $3 USD, no word on release date yet. If this game becomes a hit, EA and BioWare might expand the Mass Effect story further~

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WTF : Piracy at its best / funniest~

I’m sure you can pick this up at every other subway stop in New York, but, ah, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Tarzan? Nice, real nice~

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Mountain Couch Takes You Into The Hills~

Montanara by Gaetano Pesce creates the illusion of a mountain scene right in your living room, including cushion waterfalls and snowy peaks. The picturesque couch makes you feel larger than life as you use nature’s largest objects as your personal lounging tool. Just watch where you sit. Those pine trees can be a bitch~

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Darth Vader Alarm Clock~

Sakar��s Darth Vader Alarm Clock Radio($30) shaped as an actual replica of Darth Vader��s helmeted head. See the time from his eyes in red LED. It includes an AM/FM radio, snooze button, full-featured alarm clock with 3 different alarm noises to help you nudge you out of bed. It also has an audio jack input that allows you to use it as the speakers~

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NES Mouse~

pretty self explanatory~ needless to say i want one~

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New French helmets keep firemen cool~

Firemen had always had a certain mystique, and let's face it, sex appeal. These helmets will certainly further that image~

These new helmets from France (where all things stylish come from) can handle exterior temperatures upwards of 1,000C/1,832F while staying a safe, though slightly steamy, 35C/95F degrees inside the helmet. A flip-down gold-plated visor adds even more protection against bright flashes of light, flying debris, radiating heat, UV, and other hazards. Better padding, straps and ventilation add more comfortable too~

Flashlights can be attached to the sides for hands-free operation. They're only good up to 300C/572F degrees, and microphones and/or cameras can also be attached~

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PXP-900 looks like a PSP, but plays only retro games~

This may look like a standard-issue Sony PSP handheld gaming console, but it's not. No, this is the PXP-900, and it is most definitely not made by Sony. But it's still pretty awesome~

You see, the PXP is built as a portable emulator, meaning you can load it up with basically every old school game ever made and play them wherever you want. It's got a 4.3-inch screen and supports "NES, Famicom, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Super Famicom, SEGA MegaDrive and some sort of 32-bit ROM." And with the dearth of good PSP games, this might be a much more fun choice than the official version~

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Katamari Damacy plus Shadow of the Colossus equals... ~

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3D Chess~

Don’t you wish that your chessboard could sometimes be more attuned to the fantasy of an epic battle? This 3D Chessboard by Ji Lee makes your game look more like an epic massacre on a jagged mountain than a head to head clash on a simple plain~

The newly designed 3D terrain adds a completely new dimension to the already classic game of chess. The King looks even less obtainable now that he is set on his own little pedestal with his deadly wife. Totally worth getting excited over~

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Go with the Flo Toilet~

The brainchild of students from Arizona State University, this toilet has been designed with yoga principles in mind — and it's won its creators an award from the Northwest Design Invitational. Named Go with the Flo, the transparent blue loo has a sink built in above the cistern, allowing you to reuse the water you've washed your hands with when you flush~

There are no mechanical parts in the toilet: instead, an electromagnetic ball valve sluices just one-and-a-half gallons of water from the tanks to the bowl. So what, I hear you ask, has all this got to do with yoga? It's all to do with the position in which you find yourself, apparently. Squatting down builds and strengthens back and abdominal muscles, apparently~

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yes! Marvel vs. Capcom 2 heading to Xbox Live, PSN this summer~

It’s time to get excited, friends. Not only will Capcom release Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network this summer, but it will release demo this Thursday. That means you only have to wait two days till you’re unleashing 100+ hit combos and trash talking like you never thought you could~

Right, so Capcom made the big announcement yesterday. The port is based on the Dreamcast code, in itself an excellent port (as I recall—it’s been a while.) And while it won’t be the same crazy kind of ex-omega-awesome HD port that Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix was, Capcom is still improving the visuals to a degree~

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Mini USB-Powered Zen Garden~

Here is the mini USB-powered Zen garden from Japan Trust Technology that circulates water around its plastic bamboo shoots to create relaxing sounds for a peaceful atmosphere in your office~

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Star trek Cufflinks~

Star trek Cufflinks. they look great even if you are not into Star Trek, and they are a must have if you are~

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Cute Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2 Preorder Plush~

This is the PlayStation 2 game Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha versus King Abaddon. If you preorder it, it comes with the adorable plush vampire for no extra charge. $37 at Amazon.~

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Supercomputer To Compete On Jeopardy!~

The IBM researchers who created Watson -- an homage to IBM founder Thomas J. Watson Sr. -- have said that they are not confident yet that their creation could compete well on the show. The New York Times reports that human champions are able to provide correct response 85% of the time to questions asked~

The computer will offer answers to the question via a synthesized voice and will choose its own follow up categories. IBM says that for the show, the computer would not be connected to the internet. How Watson will be presented and what gender the computer will be are under consideration. A screen and a projected avatar are one consideration~

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$250 Scopedog RC mech~

A name like "Scopedog" and a shoulder-mounted missile pod are really all I need to fall in love with this mech from the '80s robo-action anime VOTOMS. The 1/24th scale Scopedog Turbo Custom stands just over half a foot tall, and it's controlled by remote. The 'bot can zip around as it performs its "roller dash," or fire its assault rifle. It's part of an effort by collectible manufacturer Yamato to commemorate the 25 year anniversary since VOTOMS was first on the air.

$250 seems like a pretty high sticker price, though that's what you pay for a collectible. At least this one can shoot its infrared rifle at other Scopedogs, which'll make the controller vibrate and play sounds.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

GE's 500GB holographic storage discs. Yup, holograms!~

GE has developed a micro-holographic disc that's the same size as present-day CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. Instead of the two-dimensional surfaces used for Blu-ray's 50GB, holographic storage uses three dimensions to store digital data. These discs can store 500GB of data by using holographic light patterns to densely pack three-dimensional data~

While still in the developmental phase at this point, industry experts are hopeful that it could become the next form of low-cost storage for consumers. Best news out of this development is that new micro-holographic players will be backwards compatible to play CD, DVD and blu-ray discs~

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Evangelion Mouse, Mouse pad and Calculator~

The Evangelion mouse, mouse pad and calculator are specially made for hardcore fan of the Anime and Manga. These items will be sold in Japan at the end of May 2009. you have plenty of time to save up some money for these soon to be collector's items~

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3DConnexion SpacePilot PRO 3D Mouse~

3DConnexion has proudly introduced a 3D mouse that is claimed as the “most powerful 3D mouse ever”. Dubbed as the SpacePilot PRO, it has a color LCD display, an improved Navigation for MCAD, five new dual-function QuickView Navigation keys, and one-touch 32 view access. Other features include a soft-coated wrist rest, smoother fingertip control and a symmetrical layout. Each purchase of the SpacePilot PRO comes with a 3-year warranty and retails for around $499 a pop~

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Leonard Nimoy tells why he came back to Star Trek~

"I don't think I ever said that I was done with Star Trek," Nimoy said in an exclusive interview a few weeks ago. "I think that Star Trek was kind of done with me for a while. I acted in the first six films. I directed two of them. I wrote story for two of them. I produced one of them. I was very, very active in the first six films. When the next film came [Star Trek: Generations] along, there was no role for Spock. And they killed Kirk. So one would have to ask the makers of those films, and the next few, why I was not involved. I was never offered anything that was like a Spock role. I was asked to direct the seventh film. I didn't think much of the script, and I passed."

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Bioshock movie flatlines~

Universal Pictures has put the brakes on “Bioshock,” the Gore Verbinski-directed live-action adaptation of the bestselling Take-Two Interactive vidgame. The picture was in pre-production, but the studio has halted that effort -- and let some production staff go -- as Universal and Verbinski figure out a way to make the film on a less costly budget~

The John Logan-scripted picture was gearing up to shoot in Los Angeles, but that changed when the budget rose to about $160 million. U and Verbinski are looking at alternatives, such as shooting in London, as a way to pare costs~

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

BokitoViewer Eyewear Fakes It Well~

On 18 May a gorilla named Bokito escaped from Rotterdam Zoo. During his escape the animal attacked a female visitor, who had frequent eye contact with the animal. This presumably led to the attack, since gorillas do not like direct eye contact. Health insurance company FBTO always offers simple solutions, so the weekend after the escape we distributed more than 2.000 so-called BokitoViewers at the entrance to Rotterdam Zoo~

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Bradford Waugh's Bike with No Chain Design~

I love this bike design by Bradford Waugh. It is simple and sleek. It appears to with no chair and new concept wheels design(I don't know if can work), and looks pretty cool! Great concpet and idea by Bradford Waugh~

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HD video disc format war set to restart on the Eastern front~

A group of Chinese companies holding many of the HD-DVD technology patents have been pushing China Blue HD (CBHD), and this week they are shipping the first players. Similar to, but not compatible with HD-DVD, CBHD is aimed primarily at the cost conscious Chinese market. Without Blu-ray's stiff royalty fees, CBHD players cost about 40% less than equivalent Blu-ray players, while the discs run from around $8 to $12 each. So far Warner Bros has signed on with a promised 100 CBHD titles this year~

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bacon Flavored Vodka~

Bakon Vodka is a superior quality potato vodka with a savory bacon flavor. It’s clean, crisp, and delicious. This is the only vodka you’ll ever want to use to make a Bloody Mary, and it's a complementary element of both sweet and savory drinks~

Bakon Vodka is also a great Bar-B-Q companion. Use it in a marinade or sip it chilled with a steak. Check out our recipes section for more ideas~

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Rubik’s Cube Alarm Clock~

Retro is in - it’s time to dig out all those Etch-a-Sketchs and Diablos and get playing! More alarm clock gadgets. This one looks like a Rubik’s cube, and includes time, date, alarm and temperature. To keep the cube theme going, you rotate the top row to switch between the different functions. Not as easy as pushing a button, but hey, you wanted a Rubik’s cube alarm clock, right?~

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Big Daddy doll, straight from the bioshock 2 trailer~

BioShock 2 doesn’t even exist yet and already the artisans of the world are hard at work on the sequel to 2K’s alternate-history title. A doll fashioned to look like one of the game’s Big Daddy characters was shown in the sequel’s beautiful (and creepy) trailer, and now that same doll has been recreated in loving detail~

Haven’t seen the referenced trailer for BioShock 2? Climb out from under that rock and give it a watch~


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Blood of Bahamut playable next month by lucky people [nintendo ds]~

Nintendo DS owners and RPG fans alike have been looking foward to Square Enix’s Blood of Bahamut since the game was first announced last year, and now a few incredibly lucky people (in Japan) are going to have a chance to get their hands on the game (in Japan). Anyone have a Japanese address I can use to register? Oh, and also, can you inject the Japanese language directly into my brain? Thanks~

Square Enix site members are invited to apply for a chance to check out Blood of Bahamut in mid-May at the Square Enix headquarters in Tokyo, which means there will be loads of impressions available on the Internet the day after~

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FC Mobile II is the ultimate way to play NES games~

Despite all of the graphical enhancements game consoles have made over the past couple decades, it's still tough to compete with the original NES. It offered up some of the greatest games ever made, and those never get old. If you still want to play them now, the FC Mobile II looks like a pretty amazing way to go~

The FC Mobile II is a portable NES. It takes old Nintendo cartridges, and you can use it as a handheld. But it also comes with two wireless controllers and a wireless light gun, allowing you to use it on the couch as well. How awesome is that? I want one right now~

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Hyper-real and very cool Star Wars art ~

Atlanta artist Christian Waggoner has created fine-art Star Wars paintings in a photo-realistic style that explore scenes from the movies in extreme close-ups of characters and the reflections in their helmets~

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Canned Oxygen: Fad On The Horizon~

The canned oxygen freight train “fad express” is leaving the station with scheduled stops including celebrity hands and every health food store in America. Already touted by some as “the next bottled water”, this stuff is 89% pure and claims to relieve anxiety, stress, headaches, jet lag, hangovers, and awkward sexual performance. However, if you don’t buy into the hype you can always enjoy it for flavors like “Mountain Mint” and “Polar Rush”. After all, they have to give you something to justify the $9.99-$134.99 price tag~

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A Childhood Photo From The Future???

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Best Business Cards Ever: Meat Cards ~

Meat Cards are business cards with your info burnt into them using a 150 watt CO2 laser. They are far superior to card stock for obvious reasons (read: meat and lasers). Screw die-cutting. Forget about foil, popups, or UV spot lamination. THESE business cards have two ingredients: MEAT AND LASERS. Unlike other business cards, MEAT CARDS will retain value after the econopocalypse. Hoard and barter your calorie-rich, life-sustaining cards.~

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2015 Honda CB750 Motorcycle Concept by Igor Chak~

The 2015 honda CB750 Motorcycle Concept by Igor Chak. This cool 2015 honda CB750 has unique 'diamonds' shape, unlike the regular bike, the frame, body is a unibody construction combining carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium. Powered by a four-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine and features an on-board computer which can be controlled through a 5" OLED multi-touch display positioned right on the fuel tank. This touch dispaly computer includes 3 model: GPS, Drive and diagnostics mode. It also featured radar technology to "sense an upcoming head-on collision and will automatically slow the bike~

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Surrogates author says that the movie will remain true to the comic~

Robert Venditti, who wrote the sci-fi graphic novel Surrogates, told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming film adaptation starring Bruce Willis will retain the book's key themes.~

"The core concept of technology isolating us from each other and the outside world is something that a lot of people can relate to," Venditti said in an exclusive interview. "I'm happy to say the key elements of the book—the impact of surrogate technology on the world and the effect it's had on the relationship between Detective Greer and his wife—have all been expertly retained for the film."~

Jonathan Mostow (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) is directing the movie, based on the novel by Venditti and artist Brett Weldele. Surrogates is set in a future in which most of humanity lives in isolation and interacts through humanoid robots—allowing their controllers to exist vicariously through a stronger, beautiful or younger synthetic being. When these androids become the target of a methodical terrorist, hard-nosed detective Harvey Greer (Willis) is called upon to uncover who is accountable for the attacks and why they want the surrogates gone.~

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Glimpse : The Door Illusion Mirror~

Glimpse is a mirror that gives an illusion of a door opening on any given surface. Created by Sarah Dayo.~

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Palmer Johnson World Superyacht Design Concept~

Palmer Johnson is known for his iconic yacht designs. Palmer Johnson is preparing to take on the world with a 82-meter (267-foot) Ice Class expedition yacht designed by Nuvolari & Lenard, named the ��World��. Italian designers Nuvolari-Lenard have ensured the six-deck interior and exterior living areas provide the highest degree of comfort. The owner��s apartment is situated on the fourth, fifth and sixth decks comprising of bedroom suite, walk-in dressing room, separate business and private lounges, office and a Jacuzzi sundeck with 360 degree viewing. One of the first features to be seen on this Superyacht is the novel aft beach house which looks forward onto an outdoor swimming pool deck. Adding to the list of luxuriant features are a fully equipped gym, spa with Hammam, sauna with treatment room, cinema, piano foyer and infirmary~

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