Sunday, November 7, 2010

Samurai Condoms for the Ultimate in Lady Spearing~

Kabuto stands for helmet, while samurai refers to the military nobility of pre-industrial Japan. Suffice it to say, the Kabuto Samurai Condom is a sexual helmet built only for noble men with passion in their hearts—and lots and lots of blood in their groins~

But though the condom is marketed mainly toward men, it’s available in a plethora of delicate stylings meant to capture the attention of any amorous female~

there’s the Minty Menthol condom laced in a cool and refreshing green color for a couple making love to a slow and sensual beat~

Then there’s the Tsubu pink condom, which according to Kanojo Toys “boasts 1350 nubs for the ultimate in lady spearing.” Mind you, what type of samurai would wear a pink helmet? I suppose perhaps it’s geared for homosexual samurais~

Last but not least is the entirely transparent Stamina condom supposedly designed to help a man last longer—though one wonders how the color of a condom can do that~

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