Monday, November 15, 2010

On eBay: 1/2 Ton Of LEGO Bricks For $20K ~

" Now, let's cover what is here in this lot. Well, first of all every theme you could ask for. And pretty much every piece Lego has made. I spent years separating and organizing 1000's of lbs of Lego. I weighed everything in their containers and it all came to around 1158 lbs not including the metal cabinet with Lego instructions...So, I am guessing that you should have about 1000lbs of clean, sorted, organized and even partially baggied Lego. Of course I did have a few bins I never got to for sorting, I will leave that to you~

I stopped counting mini-figures at 2358. There are more here, I just got tired of counting~

I hate chewed on, broken, glued, dirty, nasty Lego and will immediately throw them away. And I have thoroughly gone through about 99% of what you see. I also am prejudice against other brands. So, hopefully you will not find any Mega Blok, Tyco, etc... If you happen to find any, it will be a very small amount and I apologize now~

$20K takes it all home~

via : eBay Auction

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