Friday, April 30, 2010

Elegant floating power plant to crank out 50 gigawatts per year ~

Here's an attractive solution to the problem of gathering energy offshore: Harness both wind and wave power at the same time. A company named Floating Power Plant plans to build Poseidon 37, a 754-foot-long floating power generation station that can output 50 gigawatts of wave and wind power each year~

Great timing. Just yesterday, the U.S. Government approved the country's first offshore wind farm, to the consternation of numerous environmentalists. Even though Poseidon 37 is so beautifully designed it looks like it could have been dreamed up by Jonathan Ive, it still might be considered an eyesore by purists~

Isn't it odd, though, that potentially exploding and oil-leaking offshore rigs are lurking offshore all over the place, but we're just now getting around to installing a clean source of energy like this? And the environmentalists don't like this, either?~

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Architect turns cramped apartment into 24-room mansion~

Apartments are so tiny in Hong Kong, architect Gary Chang had to figure out some way to deal with the problem. Using a series of ingeniously-designed moving walls, he turned his 344-square-foot abode into a veritable mansion. With a quick slide of a series of walls, he's transformed his tiny space into his choice of 24 different configurations. The last room is by far the coolest~

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Japan's giant leap: Humanoid robot on the moon by 2015~

Robots are getting so smart and powerful, it's getting to the point where it's probably a better idea to send one of them to the Moon rather than a human. Robot-crazy Japan wants to do just that by 2015~

That robot's not going to be overly productive, though. Japan plans to have the bipedal humanoid robot Maido-kun plant a Japanese flag on the lunar surface, as a publicity stunt to show the country's techno-prowess. Sounds more like a small step than a giant leap~

Think of it this way: If that robot can plant a flag in the ground, there are plenty of other things it could do, like it maybe imitate its non-humanoid Mars-exploring cousins. Best of all, that bot probably won't mind too much if it's marooned on the Moon, saving the trouble of a return trip~

hats off to anyone who knows what the second moon pic is from~

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eye Candy: Badass Mushroom Kingdom Art~

Because I'm on a deviantART (and mimosa) kick this morning, here comes a wicked-sick (I can say that because I'm cool) picture of the Mushroom Kingdom as envisioned by artist lastscionz. Pretty awesome, huh? I especially like how Yoshi reminds me of the Loch Ness monster because I've always had a crush on that bitch. And how bout that Bowser? Dude looks like Satan himself. If Satan weren't such a pitchfork-toting pussy. High-five, Jesus!~

lastscionz's deviantART (with a higher-res shot for your viewing pleasure)~

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Artist recreates a masterpiece using a single pen~

Artist James Mylne recreated a well known masterpiece using just a single pen!~

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Stained Glass Time!: Tokyoflash's Latest~

It's been awhile since Tokyoflash dropped a time-telling bomb on us, and frankly, I've been missing it. Just like your affection, EXCEPT YOUR AFFECTION OBVIOUSLY CAN'T TELL TIME (stop calling in the middle of the night, jerk!). Introducing the $168 Kisai 'Broke'~

A striking fragmented display, full face mineral crystal lens and a new way to read time that's almost like a regular clock, features that will make you want to break away from dictated fashion trends~

Broke is the first watch in the Kisai series to be USB rechargeable, ensuring enhanced brightness and long lasting battery life~

Reading the time couldn't be easier. Touch the button and a shattering animation will light up the display. The outer ring of blocks represent hours in the same position as hours on a clock face. The inner ring of blocks represents five minute intervals in the same position as minutes on a clock face. Four single minutes are shown in the center~

Granted 'Broke' probably isn't the best name for a product, but I can look past that because my eyes have trouble focusing anyways. And I'm not just saying that because you should show me your breasts so I can tell you what they look like in 4-D, but you should. For science. Wait -- let me grab my lab-camera~

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Le tour du monde en 80 secondes~

Le tour du monde en 80 secondes from La Virale on Vimeo.

A tour of the world in 80 seconds. Directed by Romain Pergeaux & Alex Profit. A project done in only 3 weeks. "Our tour included stops in London - Cairo - Mumbay - Hong Kong - Tokyo - San Francisco - New York - London. This route is a tribute to the famous Jules Verne's book "Le tour du monde en 80 jours"~

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USS Enterprise Made Entirely Out Of Meat~

I don't care if you're a Trekkie or not, this USS Meaterprise looks delicious. Go on, admit it: you know you'd let it boldly go where several guys have gone before: Uranus. God that never gets old~

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Champ by Tobias Fraenzel~

German designer Tobias Fraenzel has designed 'Champ' for italian furniture manufacturer Campeggi and was unveiled during Milan Design Week 2010.
The sofa can be turned into a punching bag by lifting up the red back cushion. Cool design!~

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Largest Flying Boat In The World~

The Dornier Do X was largest, heaviest, and most powerful flying boat in the world, it was produced by the Dornier company of Germany in 1929, it was called the Flugschiff (flying ship). Powered by twelve water-cooled engines, with a crew of 14 and designed to carry 66 passengers long distance or 100 on shorter flights.
"On the main deck was a smoking room with its own wet bar, a dining salon, and seating for the 66 passengers which could also be converted to sleeping berths for night flights. Aft of the passenger spaces was an all-electric galley, lavatories, and cargo hold. The cockpit, navigational office, engine control and radio rooms were on the upper deck. The lower deck held fuel tanks and nine watertight compartments, only seven of which were needed to provide full flotation."~

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

New $100 bill uses clever 3D tech to thwart counterfeiters~

It seems like they just changed the $100 bill, but today the U.S. Government announced it's been redesigned again, bringing in 3D technology to make it even harder to counterfeit. Try copying this, bad guys: That blue stripe is called a 3D security ribbon, and it contains a double image of the numeral 100 and bells that alternate as you tilt the bill~

Check out that copper-colored inkwell to the right of the blue stripe, which changes color as you tilt it, making the bell pictured inside appear and disappear as you move the bill around. The Treasury Department has been researching these neat tricks for a decade, trying to find a bill that's impossible to duplicate but easy to immediately recognize as genuine~

Looks like the Feds nailed it this time. Those new tricks are added to the old ones they kept in the design, including a watermark portrait of Benjamin Franklin, a tiny security thread, and that color shifting numeral 100~

When will we see this new currency? So far, all the government is saying is "TBD," to be determined (update: now they tell us — February 10, 2011). Great. Just when they create the perfect $100 bill that's impossible to duplicate, thieves are moving on, now figuring how to crack our financial system in the cloud. Perfect timing, guys~

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LOL..God Bless America & Delicious Convenience: The Gravy Machine~

I know you're all thinking what I'm thinking: Why bother with Step 1? Order today to get four cases of free gravy. Woohoo~

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nautilus VAS Luxury Submersible~

If you want to get a private submersible? The VAS submersibles from US-based Nautilus Submarines is one of the best options on the list. The VAS is the only private submarine offering the option of a Diver Lockout which allows you to exit the submarine underwater while underwater. The VAS submersibles can accommodate up to 12 passengers and the Mk III version featured above carries five passengers and can do up to 10 miles or 6 knots, which allows for an 8-hour mission time in addition to a 96-hour backup, providing over four days of underwater protection. It'll set you back $2.7 million~

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Household Spray bottle turns water into a 99.9% effective sanitizer~`

Spray cleaners that are antibiotic and designed to help you clean up the kitchen are expensive. And rightfully so, what with all the chemicals in there, right? But this new Ionator turns regular old water into an ionized spray that kills 99.9% of common bacteria~

Yep, you can just keep on refilling it with water and you can stop buying those expensive cleaners. Of course, with the household version of this thing going for $169, you'll be spending a lot of money one way or the other, but at least this one lets you get by without using any stinky chemicals~

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Sheath That Lightsaber, Son!: Vader Condom~

This is allegedly a Darth Vader condom from France. It looks like a Photoshop job but it's cute regardless because the message reads, "I will not be your father!" At least that's supposedly what it says, I don't speak French. It could read, "We poked a bunch of holes in the end!" for all I know~

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Monday, April 19, 2010

PowerSki Motorized Surfboard~

The PowerSki Motorized Surfboard($TBA) powered by a low profile 45 HP engine that propels the rider at the top speed of up to 40 mph on the water~

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ping clothing lets Facebook stalkers follow your every move~

I have a couple of friends who send out hundreds Tweets or Facebook updates every day. You probably know the type, the ones who think you really want to know every time they're crossing the road, or taking the dog out for a walk. What if there was a way for them to send all of those updates automatically, without having to wear out their thumbs?~

That's the thinking behind Ping, a proposed line of tech enabled clothing from designer Jennifer Darmour. Ping has embedded electronics that can sense what your doing, then send updates automatically using an interface that runs Lilypad and Lilypad Xbee software. When somebody responds it can let you know with a gentle tap on the shoulder, and you can even assign different tapping patterns to different people. That way you'll know when the creepy guy from high school is excited that you've just unbuttoned your coat~

I'm all for social networking, but I think Ping takes keeping in touch with your friends to new levels of absurdity. It seems like this would be great for stalker types, but hopefully you haven't friended them, have you?~

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Friday, April 16, 2010

LCD 'Write Your Own Message' Card~

Create your own personalized cards with these super minimal LCD debossed cards. $8~

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oldschool Magazine Ad for Nintendo Famicom 3D Glasses~

3D technology has been getting a lot of press lately and one question that keeps coming up is when will gaming go 3D? If it were up to Nintendo, the 3D craze would have kicked off back in the 80’s when they tried to compete with Sega’s 3D goggles. Not surprisingly, both companies failed~

Maybe it’s just me, but 8-bit in 3D doesn’t seem all that immersive or exciting, even by 80’s standards. But just look at Mario in that picture. His mind is obviously blown to smithereens. Funny how game ads back then tried to trick you with realistic paintings even though everybody knew the games looked nothing like that~

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Portable Crosley Record Player~

The Portable Crosley CR6002A Record Player($150) is completely battery-powered Crosley turntable, with a platter smaller than a teacup saucer, and a rubberized finish "for on-the-go use". Users can tote this two-speed turntable with them to vinyl swaps or to a friend's house. Featuring a USB hookup for easy analog-to-digital transfer, the Crosley Revolution? will allow users to free their favorites from the grooves for more convenient listening. This small but mighty turntable also features dual headphone jacks, dynamic full range stereo speakers and a carrying case~

Owl City - Fireflies~

Owl City - Fireflies from rasjomanny on Vimeo.

Owl City - Fireflies~

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Manga Farming~

Tokyo-based artist Koshi Kawachi recently demonstrated his "Manga Farming" technique -- which uses old manga as a growing medium for vegetables -- by cultivating a crop of radish sprouts in an installation at the Matsuzakaya department store in Nagoya~

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Japanese Combo Pack: Cigarettes And Coffee~

Japan has somehow managed to combine two of the greatest vices in the world into one affordable package: cigarettes and coffee. Nothing says weird like a two pack of “ice mint” Marlboro cigarettes (I presume that’s menthol), a can of what is presumably coffee, and an American cowboy enjoying it. The cost is 640 yen, which translates to just under $7, making this one Hell of a deal~

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Galatea Spa chair becomes your own personal sanctuary~

I'm all for chillin' out at the end of the day, so something like this Galatea Spa chair would be great. According to designer Verenice Macedo, it will combine a massage function, with a visor type 'laser screen' that wraps around your head. The screen can be used as an E reader or computer monitor, while for even more privacy, there's a big dome that you can lower over your head~

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dinner for Schmucks~

Sony Fusion Coffee Table~

Sony Fusion Coffee Table designed by a Singapore-based designer Zyane Tan.Crafted in matte black aluminum with a sleek chrome lining and supported by arched chrome legs, the Sony Fusion just takes a push of the button to convert the table into a work station with sleek touch sensitive keyboard and adjustable screen. The table top effortlessly splits in half and soundlessly slides apart to reveal the LED outlined keyboard, screen and DVD drive on the side of the table~

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Friday, April 9, 2010

So, That's How It Happened: The End Of Dinos~

This is a tattoo on some guy's back depicting the end of dinosaurs. Brutal, I know. I've been crying about it for almost fifteen minutes now. But you know what? Those are the facts of life. Also, storks bring babies to your house which is exactly why my address is a P.O. box~

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Element Case Joule iPad Stand~

Element Case released a stand for Apple’s new iPad, the Joule.The Joule iPad stand($130) features a simple and clean design, and it lets you use your iPad in both portrait and landscape modes."It's stable solid base has a simple, clean, and elegant design that enhances your iPad and makes it easier to use.Unlike most stands, the Joule won't tip over when using the iPad's touch screen. Allowing you to better utilize your iPad on your deskop or kitchen counter top."~

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Hitachi's Wearable Brain Analyzer will also make you look crazy~

The researchers at Hitachi and Hitachi Kokusai Denki Engineering have just unveiled their new wearable brain analyzer. Despite the device's rather humorous appearance, it's very serious mission is to assist scientists at research institutes and help companies develop their neuro-marketing strategies.

Light weight and easy to assemble, the wearable encephalometer also has a built-in battery and can be controlled via wireless LAN. The company hopes to release the product sometime this year for 10 million yen (approximately $107,147)~

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'Pixels': A MUST WATCH Animated Short~

PIXELS: Retro Gamers from addwork on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guy Makes Street-Legal Viper Starfighter From Battlestar Galactica~

The car was built by Dean Shorey, the master ride mechanic for Seabreeze Amusement Park in Rochester, NY. I worked there as a systems engineer for one season on a custom pump house control system for their waterpark. Dean and his crew have that park in such good working order, that he has a lot of free time on his hands, especially in the off seasons (when the park isn't building custom antique style carousels for other parks). So he restores and collects cars. Last I talked with him, he had over 20 something vehicles in various states of restoration. He's a big fan of the original BSG, so he decided to build himself a STREET LEGAL Viper Starfighter. From what I remember, the front end is off of an old postal Jeep, it has chevy small block engine (cause Dean is a GM guy and he has lots of small blocks lying around the shop). It seats one person and has a cassette deck. No A/C~ lol

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Well Done : Star Wars Pin-Up Girls~

There's nothing sexier than a drawing of a hot girl, amirite? Wrong. That was a test and you failed you little hentai-loving horndog, you. Your shame aside, this is a little gallery of Star Wars pin-up/Galactic Empire propaganda posters as imagined by illustrator Feng Zhu. Because nothing makes men want to join a fighting force like pictures of hot girls, amirite? Wrong again. Guys join fighting forces with the hopes of firing lasers at other people's faces. It's true, even it they don't want to admit it because they want to seem like the quiet, gentle type that deserves to be in your pants~

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A 2.5 Year-Old Uses an iPad for the First Time~

Telstar Logistics founder Todd Lappin’s 2.5-year-old daughter reviews the iPad.
"As you can see, after geeking out on my Sutro Tower homescreen, she took right to it — including figuring out how to enlarge some of her favorite iPhone-legacy apps to 2x to display full-size on the iPad screen. If you’re good at understanding kid-speak, you’ll also notice that she immediately saw its potential as a video-display device. She lamented the lack of a camera, and wondered about its potential for playing games~

On the downside, she had the same frustration as many adults, where touching the screen-edge with your thumb while holding the iPad blocks input to all home screen icons. Notice also that she was confused by the splash page for FirstWords Animals, her favorite spelling game: Because the start button looked like a graphic, rather than a conventional button, she couldn’t figure out how to start the game."

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Paper Mario Custom Nike Dunks~

Paper Mario Custom Nike Dunks, buy it here~

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just In Time For Easter: Peep Sushi!~

You ever projectile vomited a rainbow of partially-masticated Peeps? Then you haven't lived. It's truly a magical feeling. And if you really wanna toss your biscuits, here's some Peepshi made from Peeps, Rice Krispie Treats and Fruit Roll Ups. DELICIOUSO! I'm think I'm gonna have to make some for my Easter party tomorrow~

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