Monday, November 30, 2009

Finally, the countdown traffic light~

Just one look at this countdown traffic light and you know it's a great idea. A progress bar on a stop light? We're on board with that. Besides alleviating frustration, designer Damjan Stanković sees his idea saving energy — when motorists know there's plenty of time until the light turns green, they'll shut their engines off to conserve fuel~

This design concept should be immediately implemented on every traffic signal in the world. Maybe the countdown feature could be used on the yellow and green lights, too. This can't be difficult to make, either, since many traffic lights are already using LEDs that could be easily rearranged~

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I'll be gone~

I'll be gone from KORB on Vimeo.

MARIO BASANOV & VIDIS feat JAZZU - I'll be gone, the music video using cardiograph-like instruments~

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fonk : He Hit Me~

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Japanese Fluorescent Tube Fighting~

Finally, a sport manly enough for yours truly. Sorry guys, but I'm officially retiring from lava diving and shark rodeo. Now, which one of you handsome gents wants the honor of receiving my first highly-toxic pummeling? You in the front row -- scrawny guy with the eyepatch. In the wheelchair. BRING IT, I WILL DESTROY YOU!~

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Star Wars 'Hothmas' T-Shirts~

From Teefury comes 'Hothmas' a seasonal t-shirt feauring an AT-AT Rudolph getting wrapped up by a T-47 airspeeder~

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Yoomi baby bottle heats milk up at the push of a button~

The Yoomi has a heating element inside, and to warm it up you just hit a button. In a couple minutes, the milk will be nice and warm. It's not truly self-heating; it needs to be "recharged" in boiling water for 25 minutes. But it retains that energy for use later, which is what makes all the difference~

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Super Awesome BTTF Delorean Crysis Mod~

I highly recommend watching this video starting around 1:00 and watching to the end because somebody got super-clever with this Back to the Future mod for Crysis. I don't want to ruin it for you, but it's freaking awesome. Like the first time you ever rode down carpeted stairs on a baking sheet. (But less concussion-y)~

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The Origin of Mass~

The Origin of Mass from Aleksandar Rodic on Vimeo.

Created for his final project, Aleksandar Rodic’s The Origin of Mass is inspired by sub-atomic particle collisions; you may not see any Higgs Bosons, but it’s mind-blowing nevertheless~

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Nao offers next-gen household humanoid robot~

As this week's International Robot Exhibition drew to a close, one last humanoid robot called Nao caught the attention of attendees. Created by Aldebaran Robotics, the 23-inch tall robot has a full range of motion that allows it to get up from a sitting position, as well as walk.

The robot can also pick up small objects and even process audio and visual data to navigate its way through the world. The company plans to release a commercial version some time next year, but a price has not been disclosed. You can see video of the Nao humanoid robot in action here~

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Friday, November 27, 2009

SWITCH Screwdriver: For EXTRA Torque~

Designed by Jiangdang University students Liu Yunlong, Jia Peng, Cheng Peng, Wang Dongdong and Xin Yaoyao, the SWITCH has a shaft that can lock into place at 90 degrees to the handle, making it easier to tighten screws to their most secure~

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Coca Cola History~

History of the Coca Cola bottle, Click 2 enlarge!
Coca Cola History: Left to Right 1899 – 1900 – 1915 – 1916 – 1957 – 1986~

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Go Ahead, Get Stuffed: Happy Thanksgiving!!~

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Now let's go around the table and tell everyone what we're thankful for. Here, I'll get us started: the internet. Okay, and the sun. Love that thing, so bright~

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Well Done: Know Your Enemy's Weak Points~

click on pic to enlarge~

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ostendo curved monitor on sale now~

It may not be the first curved monitor I've seen, but the Ostendo CRVD sure is the most gorgeous. The 43-inch, 2880 x 900 quad-DLP rear projection could be yours for $6,500. It looks less bulky than last year's Alienware model, but that's probably to do with Ostendo having sexed up the press shots a tad~

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More Auto-Tuned Science Singing: 'Our Place In The Cosmos', Or, 'The Middle Of Nowhere' ~

In the third installment of the Symphony of Science series comes 'Our Place In The Cosmos', a quartet of interplanetary song by Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Michio Kaku and Robert Jastrow. This is definitely the "Barry White" song of the series so far, and there is no doubt in my mind you could make out with a legally blind woman to it. Also, do you think it's just a coincidence the video is 4:20 long OR IS THE UNIVERSE TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING?~

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Monday, November 23, 2009

electronic dress lights up when hit by wind~

Created by Dutch designer Stijn Ossevoort, Flare is a dress embroidered with wind-sensitive lights, arranged to form dandelions. Just imagine – it’s your wedding day, and it’s at the beach, just like you’ve always imagined it. You’re walking along the shore, the wind caressing your dress, not only making it ripple but also causing lights to twinkle. And as the chilly waves reach out and gently surprise your feet, you feel…a tingle. Then a buzz. Then a full on electrocution. Way to go out in style~

Just kidding. And even if the electronics on Flare are affected by water, I think the worst that could happen would be the lights shorting out. I hope~

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AlestRukov Wooden Computer Mice~

These beautiful computer mice are made from exotic woods by Russia’s AlestRukov. Each of these wooden computer mice is handcrafted from cultivated sustainable woods and carved, sanded and polished to a shiny finish with linseed oil and carnuba wax. The mice is using finest electronic components, and features an optical resolution of 1600 dpi, and with microswitches rated for over 1 million clicks~

The handmade wooden mice are available in Bubinga, Makor, Sapele, and Ebony woods from exotic locations like Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Sri Lanka. And they are not cheap, prices range from €668 to €859 (about. $996 to $1281 USD), wow! ~

"AlestRukov computer mice are eco-friendly alternative to harmful plastic gadgets polluting our world. The idea behind the product is to get the maximum out of natural materials and extend lifetime warranty. AlestRukov computer mice have warranty coverage of over 5 years and can be upgraded to extend the service~

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jumbo Post it Pad~

A big idea! The Jumbo Post-It Pad($10) features nearly one foot long(11-7/8" for the precisionists among us), with 80 sheets. Post it on a door, the fridge or the car dash as a reminder to you or someone else~

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Game Controller Ornaments~

Each set comes with 7 ornaments, including 2-dimensional cutout versions of Wii, N64, Xbox 360, Dreamcast, NES, PS2 and Sega Genesis controllers. The ornaments each measure between 3 and 4 inches wide, so they're a bit smaller than the real deals~

They're available in 6 colors, including red, white, yellow, black, clear, and red-tinted acrylic, and can be found over at Digits' Ponoko or Etsy shops for just $20 bucks a set~

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Best Idea EVER: Cats For Gold~

Trading in worthless gold for cats: 14K genius. Say -- can I see that ring?~

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Whoa: Fish Fried Alive and eaten alive~

Apparently alot of people are up in arms about this, and i can see why i guess. Its a delicacy in China where they fry only the body of a carp and then serve it still live and it is alive while it is eaten (tough fish). personally i think it looks great. Its a fish for gods sake~

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Sure Why Not : Bread Slippers~

I need some sort of carb with every meal, which probably explains why I’m overweight. If I’m eating meat, you best believe it’s going to be wrapped between two hunks of bread. But here’s my dilemma. Some people don’t understand my need for carb goodness. Some of my friends are so gung-ho about carbs that they don’t even own any bread products. That’s just not working for me~

That’s why whenever I go to my carb-hating friend’s place I know need to slip on my Bread Slippers. No offerings of sweet, beautiful carbs? Just rip a hunk off of your footwear. Mmm, mmm, filling~

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Lmao @ : Mass: We Pray~

Mass We Pray is a video game to get that Holy Spirit all up in your system and have fun with the whole family at the same time. With fun interactive mini-games like 'Conduct the Choir' and 'Genuflecting', you're sure to make Jesus proud (who's ALWAYS watching, BTW). Looks fun, doesn't it? That said, this is viral advertising for Dante's Inferno dropping in February~

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Sony builds a 280-inch 3D display~

Sony is diving head-first into this whole 3D enterprise, betting the farm on everybody being really excited to wear 3D glasses whenever they watch TV or play video games. Their latest foray into the 3D realm? This 280-inch 3D LED display for public areas~

It sure looks impressive, but you've gotta wonder how much sense a public 3D display makes. I mean, wouldn't people just need to be carrying 3D glasses around just in case they came across it? For everyone else, it'll be the biggest blurry display they've ever seen~

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MMMM......Bacon-Flavored Popcorn~

Because soon everything will be available pork-flavored, J&D's is selling bacon-flavored popcorn. I assume it's just regular popcorn with their bacon-salt added to the bag, but what do I know? $12 gets you three bags. Alternatively, $12 will also net you 40 Glad Tall Kitchen Trashbags (with Odor Shield technology). So, yeah, the choice is yours~

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Han Solo Carbonite Desk~

Tom Spina Designs’ Han Solo Carbonite Desk is perfect for crime and Sith Lords; the metal and fiberglass table sports a glass top, but you’ll need to supply your own flash-frozen smuggler~

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Japan Self-Defense Force Sunglasses~

These Japan Self-Defense Force Sunglasses($317) are officially endorsed by the Japanese military due to their ultra strong lens! Its lens will not fracture even if it is hit at 171km/h (106mph) by a 0.3" diameter object - that's just how strong it is, and also its lens will not shatter if a 500g piece of iron dropped on it from 1.27m~

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Clash of the Titans Trailer~

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Interactive Pet Laser Tortures Your Cat~

You know how something as simple as a laser pointer can become your pets newest favorite toy? The Bolt Interactive Pet Laser automatically juts around the room, providing your pet with minutes of fun. As you can tell from the kitty’s glassy-eyed state, she’s simply enthralled~lol

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Private Library~

Private Library from A Space In Time on Vimeo.

Short film about an amazing private library, by architect Andrew Berman. Video directed and produced by David Vegezzi~

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Nov 16 2009 WOW: Amazingly Amazing Tauntaun Costume~

Scott made this amazing costume from scratch. Using designs made in Solidworks, he started to outline the Tauntaun. The head mold was detailed using clay, then a mold was made , then it was cast, and on and on. The horns were made in almost the same manner.~

Never thought an animal would have a chassis did you? Well this beast does! This component too made completely from scratch and the best bit of this costume? The costume walks and is not a static display. Scott had to fabricate his own stilts to make this beast complete~

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Transfurniture: Couch Turns Into Bunk Bed~

A SOFABED THAT DOES DOUBLE DUTY, Mobelform's Doc folds out into not one, but two twin sized beds stacked one atop the other: in short, a bunk bed. Included are the necessary mattresses as well as a ladder and short rail to prevent mid-night tumbles~

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Animated Musical Starship Enterprise Lamp~

Let this Star Trek lamp welcome you to space, the final frontier any time you choose. A button on the base will turn the Star Trek theme song on, complete with the spoken prologue as the Enterprise on the base spins. The four color changing LED’s on the starship’s sensor array platform give it that look of a starship first being unveiled. Put it on your bedside table and talk like Captain Kirk to give your mate an experience they won’t forget~

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Cool Rider oozes hipness at 12mph~

Now you can have all the fun of a Segway without looking like a dork. Notice how the Cool Rider is positioned to be a much more stylish conveyance, ridden by a suave gentleman with an insouciant sunglasses-wearing air~

He's probably happy that he can zip along at 12mph, looking cool while spending $1250 for the privilege, about a quarter the price of the much-geekier Segway. If he wants to be really daring, he can don a pair of roller blades and ditch that standing sled altogether. Try that, mall cop~

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Friday, November 13, 2009

I Wasn't Looking For That: Mystery Google Gives You Previous Person's Search Query~

Type a search query into Mystery Google and you get the results of the last person's search. For example, I searched for a serious medical condition I have, and got the results for "u'v got a face only ur momma could love". Neat? Yes. Helpful? Absolutely not. But don't let that stop you from blowing a few minutes screwing around with it~

Mystery Google

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Trailer : Bodyguards & Assassins~

Partly fictional, partly historical, and purely epic, Bodyguards & Assassins gets a trailer as epic as its cast (nearly every major Hong Kong star) and set (full-scale replica of old Hong Kong)~

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

ZeroEdge Aquariums~

Infinity pools, where the water pours over the edge and makes it look like there's no sides to the pool, are the coolest. So it only makes sense that giving the same treatment to an aquarium brings the same level of coolness to your fishy friends~

ZeroEdge Aquariums do just that. Sure, for upwards of $2,000, they're more expensive than your average aquarium, but aren't you and your fish worth it? Just don't try to get in it with them~

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Orgy: The Awesomest Game Ever Made?~

Here's the exciting new indoor sport for people who love people. Orgy begins by choosing up sides (delightful custom) and centers around the "Porron" (translation: "to pour it on") filled with your favorite libation. Object of the game is to see which team achieves the longest trajectory for the longest time with the fewest spills. Rewards to winners are optional~

This game used to sell for $10 back in the 70's and was ordered by really skeezy people like your parents. You know they used to go to key parties! lol~

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Akira:1/6 Scale Kaneda Bike Replica With LEDs~

reated under the direct supervision of AKIRA creator Katsuhiro Otomo, this Kaneda die-cast bike replica measures 6.3″ H x 19.7″ W and features LED illumination on the front and back wheels, headlights, taillights, blinker, and dashboard. It also includes sound effects, adjustable headlights, a front end that can be raised and lowered and a full, workable suspension. Naturally, a model of this caliber will blow up most budgets. Product Page ($374/Pre-order for Q1 2010)~

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sleep Box, for catching some quick Zs at the airport ~

Sleep deprivation seems to be one of the worst aspects of traveling. That's why i would like to see this Sleep Box, designed by Russian architects Arch Group, as a standard fixture in every airport in the world~

For rent for between 15 minutes and several hours, they'll be a whole lot bigger than those cramped Japanese capsule hotels that resemble slide-out drawers in a morgue, yet smaller than the mini-rooms at New York's Pod Hotel or the Singapore airport's Ambassador Transit Hotel~

It looks just right, the perfect place to catch up on your sleep between long flights. We like its clever design, with sheets that are automatically changed by winding from one roller to another, just like a conveyor belt. Each Sleep Box is decked out with an LCD display, Wi-Fi, a place to stash your luggage, and plenty of sockets for charging up your laptop and cell phone. Sure beats sleeping in a chair~

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Monday, November 9, 2009

The Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge~

The pictures of the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge are amazing! The photos were shot in September 2009. The entire project is expected to be completed by September 2010. The $240 million, 2,000-foot bridge is part of a larger project, a 3.5-mile corridor that begins in Clark County, Nevada, and ends in Mohave County, Arizona More construction photos check out here~

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tundra Midnight Rider Tailgater~

The Midnight Rider Tundra Tailgater was developed through Toyota’s partnership with Brooks & Dunn. Inspired by the music duo’s large truck-devoted fan base, Toyota wanted to push the boundaries of bed utility and capture the imagery of the truck trucker. When you slide out the tailgate, exposing a BBQ grill, beer tap, ice chest, 42″ HDTV and Kicker sound system. The sound system features a dual subwoofer system and a separate amp, four two-way speakers with tweeters and separate crossovers, and dual two-channel amps with separate equalizers and speaker control units~

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

oled lighting about to make rooms a whole lot cooler~

Organic Light Emitting Diodes are starting to emerge not only in flat-panel displays, but numerous prototypes of OLED lighting fixtures are starting to rear their heads. The great thing about OLED is not only that it is self-illuminating and eco-friendly, but that it’s not a point-source of light. Instead, OLED can be built into flexible panels and produced in specialized shapes, sizes and colors – providing a wonderful ambient glow. There are even transparent oled panels that you can see through, but that can still generate bright ambient lighting. Philips has even made some amazing interactive lighting fixtures using their new Lumiblade OLED technology~

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multipin digital pinball machine offers 17 tables in one~

Nanotech’s Multipin is a digital pinball simulator, mashed-up with the physical look of a classic pinballer. The game is a full-sized pinball machine that provides electronic renditions of 17 pinball machines in a single cabinet. The system comes loaded with a number of original pinball games, as well as several modern remakes of classic Gottlieb pinball titles from the 1970s and 80s. And if 17 games aren’t enough Nanotech plans on offering upgrade packs with additional tables you can load in later.

Games are played on a large 32-inch 720p high-def LCD monitor that’s set into the playing surface under glass. Multipin not only looks like a pinball cabinet, the game is controlled with all of the classic trappings, a mechanical plunger, clicky flipper buttons, and a realistic audio experience which includes all of the sounds you’d expect to hear coming from a mechanical pinball machine. There are even digital motion sensors in the cabinet that let you nudge and shake the ball around (and eventually tilt the machine if you go too far). There’s also a second LCD screen under the machines backglass that’s used for displaying scores, game graphics, and the occasional mini-game~

The best thing about the Multipin? You can buy one for yourself – now. This isn’t vaporware, it’s a real thing. The $6000 (USD) machine is available now over at Hammacher Schlemmer. Sure, you’ll need some seriously deep pockets to buy one, but if you’re a serious pinball addict, you might want to put Multipin on your Christmas list this year~

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Friday, November 6, 2009

The PS3 coffee table~

Geeky furniture gets another lease of life with this amazing PS3 coffee table by designer Stephane Perruchon. The designer brings his video game fascination to the real world with this PS3 table that features handmade PS3 controllers as the base, complete with two handles made of ABS and then decorated with the buttons. The table is available in black and white versions. No word on the price is yet available on the site, but every gaming geek would love to have one~

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Media Chair focuses all your audio right on you~

If you liked the idea of the Sound Egg but not so much its aesthetics, say hello the Martin Emila's Media Chair. It's the same idea: a comfy chair set up with speakers focused right at your head, but one that looks a lot classier. You know, without all that sound-dampening foam stapled in there~

With the Media Chair, you get to pick the color of the chair itself as well as the color and pattern of the fabric of the seat. At least, in theory, as this is just a concept. Which I guess, in the end, gives the Sound Egg a leg up. Being real and all~

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AICP Southwest Sponsor Reel by Corgan Media Lab~

AICP Southwest Sponsor Reel by Corgan Media Lab from Corgan Media Lab on Vimeo.

This sponsor reel was completed by Corgan MediaLab, at no charge, for the AICP Southwest Awards. This national program honors the best commercials produced throughout the past year, and celebrates "The Art and Technique of the American Commercial." The show travels across the US, and appeared October 21st in Dallas - the Southwest region~

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

You're Doing It Wrong: Crazy Fork Lift Accident~

EMBED-Bringing Down The Warehouse - Watch more free videos

this is a horrible fork lift accident that destroys nearly $250K of precious vodka in distribution center. Oh the humanity! Still, it is pretty awesome. And by awesome I mean devastating. And by devastating I mean very, very awesome~

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Commemorate The Worst Indiana Jones Scene With This Action Figure~

Remember that scene in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull where Indiana Jones survives a nuclear blast by hiding in a fridge? Well now you can commemorate that horrible piece of cinematic history by spending $175 on a 12-inch action figure~

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