Monday, May 31, 2010

Hugh Jackman’s Tea Dance~

This is Hugh Jackman’s funny/peculiar commercial for Lipton Iced Tea, which features Wolverine busting all kinds of moves. Very Awesome~

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

JOKER and GOTH SNOW WHITE Decal for iPad~

This iPad decal is either suggesting that the Joker is an avid fan of fruit, or is merely implying that Steve Jobs is an evil supervillain bent on world domination. I’m just sayin’. Or maybe this Etsy seller just knows their audience a little too well and I think we all knew Snow White was a little bit Goth~

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Your Big daily Dose of Aawwwwwwwh~

This is a video of 8-month old Jonathan having his cochlear implant activated and hearing his mother's voice for the first time. It's heartwarming. Good luck not tearing up~

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Artist Creates Real-Life BTTF2 Hoverboard~

French artist Nils Guadagnin went and made a replica of the hoverboard from Back to the Future II that actually hovers. Future technology! Black magic~

Integrated into the board and the plinth is an electromagnetic system which levitates the board. A laser system stabilises the object in the air~

A LASER STABILIZATION SYSTEM?! This things stater of the art (yes, I said that) than the one in the movie! Now I'm not saying this Nils character obviously has a time machine, but somebody hasn't missed a sports bet in 8 years. Coincidence? Yes, shit like that happens all the time -- it's the mystery of the cosmos!~

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mmm, Nutty: McDonalds Ogre-Load McFlurry~

Tempting, but I prefer my ogre-loads au naturale: salty. Plus green!~

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Friday, May 28, 2010

'Knight & Day' Edited Down to What Must Be Every Action Sequence and Some Tom Cruise Being Tom Cruisey~

20th Century Fox calls it a "trailer."~

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Scientists Discover New Species Of Handfish. Wait -- Fish With Freakin' Hands? Dammit BP~

Using its fins to walk, rather than swim, along the ocean floor....the pink handfish is one of nine newly named species described in a recent scientific review of the handfish family~

All of the world's 14 known species of handfish are found only in shallow, coastal waters off southeastern Australia, the review notes~

Even among the previously known species, the fish are poorly studied, the review authors add, and little is known about their biology or behavior~

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Too Big Screen Is Too Big: Girl's Gaming Rig~

At first I was gonna warn about the inherent damage to your eyes and neck sitting so close to such a large screen will do, but I've got to admit: chick does look healthy. Or methy, whatever~

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cloud the Bō Bear~

As if being a freaking bear wasn’t enough of an advantage, Cloud of Hiroshima Zoo also has mad bō staff skills. To non-believers: watch the original footage and have your minds blown~

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Monday, May 24, 2010

But Does It Taste Like Brains?: Zombie Jerky~

Zombie jerky: sounds delicious, doesn't it? No, it doesn't. I actually just puked through the gap in my front teeth at the mere thought of gnawing pre-rotted flesh. *BLAAH* Ooh -- still going~

"Zombie Meat," an exquisite new Japanese snack for the horror enthusiast, consists of bite-sized chunks of tender blue flesh that, according to the package, has been aged to deadly perfection at the graveyard.

The ghastly meat snack, which tastes remarkably like peppered beef jerky, can be found at select shops in Japan for 399 yen (about $4.50) per pack~

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch (HD) Camera E-8~

Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch (HD) Camera E-8 from Mark Gray on Vimeo.

This clip is raw from Camera E-8 on the launch umbilical tower/mobile launch program of Apollo 11, July 16, 1969~

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Three Ewok Deathstar Shirt: That's No Moon!~

It's a space station. As you may or may not know, the t-shirt was invented in 1722 by a Mr. Nathanial T. Shirk to keep your nipples from falling off. One misnomer at the London patent office later and the rest, my friends, is history. A history I just made up. Which let's be honest, is far more interesting than the real thing. Did I ever tell you the one about how our solar system was created by two magicians fighting over a turtle? That one's actually true~

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Insane Hail Storm~

This was the most insane hail storm or storm in general I have ever seen! it was may 16th 2010 in Oklahoma City~ (make sure to watch the middle, it is unlike anything i have ever seen)

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Saving Lives With Sexiness: Sexy CPR~

Super Sexy CPR from Super Sexy CPR on Vimeo.

This is a video called Super Sexy CPR. It's a CPR tutorial performed by two womens in the lingerie. It's actually a commercial for some bra and panty company though (suck it, Victoria, I know your secret!), but I'm still counting it as my personal public service announcement for the day. Because I care. About the titties. DON'T YOU DIE ON ME!~

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

WTF Are You Supposed To Be? 2012 Olympic Mascots Win The Gold In Fail~

London just unveiled the new mascots (Wenlock and Mandeville) for the 2012 Summer Olympics and, I don't know if you can tell from this picture or not, but they look like complete shit. What -- no Pedobear?~

"Two parts-Pokemon to one-part lava lamp with yellow 'Taxi' lights on their foreheads, the distinctive characters are intended to capture the imagination of children and work as well in the digital world as they will in costume form at trackside in 2012.

They are a central part of London's £70 million merchandising budget, and organisers hope the mascots will contribute up to 20 per cent of that sum through sales of T-shirts, key-rings, tea-towels and the like.

The Cyclops design allows the mascots' eyes to work as lenses, and digital cameras in the shape of the characters will be available."

Two parts-Pokemon? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU? I don't see a lick of Pokemon in either one of them. What I do see is two underpaid men in sweaty costumes reconsidering the choices they've made in life~

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Star Wars Organ Medley~

We could hardly believe our ears when we heard this Japanese musician’s impressive Star Wars medley played on an Electone electronic organ. Her Raiders and Back to the Future ain’t half bad either~

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Looks Safe To Me: The Scooter Stroller~

...according to designer Valentin Vodev, a lot of care and safety concerns were taken into consideration when it was designed. In addition to an extra safety belt on the child seat, the Roller Buggy also features a set of hydraulic disc brakes on the front two wheels allowing the speed to be easily reduced at any time.

The Roller Buggy can also be transformed into a standard push stroller for use in places where scooting is frowned upon, and while I'm sure there will be plenty of uproar over child safety if this somehow ever becomes available for sale, with a little common sense it seems like a faster and generally more entertaining alternative way to get around with your little one~

A little common sense?! A little common sense is not buying a stroller/scooter hybrid if you care about the well-being of your child. Now a stroller/skateboard combo, that's just good parenting. I'm talking award-winning good~

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Iceland, Eyjafjallajokull erupting - May 1st and 2nd, 2010~

Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull - May 1st and 2nd, 2010 from Sean Stiegemeier on Vimeo.

Photographer Sean Stiegemeier spend 4 days at the fly-over footage he took of Eyjafjallajökull erupting, and he turned it into a breathtaking time-lapse video.
"So I saw all of these mediocre pictures of that volcano in Iceland nobody can pronounce the name of, so I figured I should go and do better. But the flights to get over took forever as expected (somewhat). 4 days after leaving I finally made it, but the weather was terrible for another 4. Just before leaving it got pretty good for about a day and a half and this is what I managed to get.
Wish I had more time. I missed all the cool Lightning and the Lava of the first eruption. But I figure this will just be a trial run for another day.
I am of course accepting sponsors to send me back there for more please...!! haha
Music: Jónsi - Kolniður ( Canon 5d mkII "~

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Vintage Star Wars 'Scout Walker Command Tower' Clubhouse, Plus Bonus Speeder Bike!~

I may not have had a Scout Walker Command Tower growing up, but I did have a Cabbage Patch playhouse with a hornet's nest inside. So yeah, take that! Besides, this thing looks dangerous. I can just see my younger self falling out of and winding up a crumpled mess in the sandbox below. And speaking of messes in the sandbox: did you know I once picked up a sand-covered cat turd in the sandbox thinking it was a toy? It's true, I did that~

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Caffeinated Maple Bacon Lollipops Are Part Of a Not-So Balanced Breakfast~

Concerned that eating lollipops made with real Vermont maple syrup, bacon and the same amount of caffeine as an energy drink might be taking things too far? Don’t worry. This is how God wants us to eat. Or maybe Satan. Either way~

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Hold On Tight by Colleen & Eric~

This bookshelf called Hold On Tight by Colleen & Eric. It has an integrated bookend (a cube with an over sized wing-nut that you can loosen and slide on a track to make room for more books). So simple and yet so smart~

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Leaf Ties~

The Leaf tie by Lufdesign~
"The Leaf tie is easy to use. It is simply used in the same manner as the cable-tie. All you have to do is wrap the Leaf Tie around the loose cables. The design of the Leaf tie makes the cables look like wrapped twigs. For young children or people that live in the city that tire from the artificially modern environment, the Leaf tie can for a short while let them experience a hint of nature."~

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yoda, Is That You?!: Yoda Face Cloud Spotted~

This is a picture of a cloud taken by Michael Longergan. It's a Yoda face-shaped cloud. Granted you could argue it's just a cloud shaped cloud, but you would lose~

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

White Castle candles that smell like burgers~

Want to woo Harold or Kumar?

White Castle has just the aphrodisiac: the fast-food burger chain is hawking burger-scented candles in honor of their self-proclaimed National Hamburger Month.

The mood-setter comes in a rectangular ceramic holder that resembles the cardboard box of the White Castle Slider sandwiches. They sell for $10 each, with net proceeds going to Autism Speaks.

A New York candle power-house helped create the flame-broiled scent. Laura Slatkin and her company, Nest Fragrances, typically design luxury bath products for the likes of Christian Dior and Vera Wang.

But this time, the Chelsea-based firm is helping out a like-minded fast-food company - both she and the heads of White Castle have kids with autism.

"I was thrilled to do it," said Slatkin, who also helped found the New York Center for Autism and the state's first public charter school for children with autism.

"The candle has a top note of diced sweet onions and crisp pickle, the middle notes are beef patty, cheese and ketchup, and bottom note is a warm burger bun. It all comes together to create this amazing aroma of a White Castle Slider."~

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Cracklin Rosie on a Whole Lotta Mobile Phones~

By steffest. "This is a free interpretation of Cracklin Rosie, played on 2 Android devices, 2 Windows Mobile devices and 1 iPod Touch. the Piano and Drum sequencers are written by me, Pocket Stombox is used for the real time effects and the main instruments are the fantastic iShred and Guitar apps by Frontierdesign."~

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, Get Out There And Hug Your Mother! (If You Don't I'm Going To) ~

Happy Mother's Day mothers! I hope you're all having a great one. And for you non-mothers out there: sorry, today's not your day. But no complaining -- you get the other 364 days of the year. Okay so you really only get your birthday and usually everyone forgets about that. WHICH IS WHY YOU SHOULD SETTLE DOWN AND POP OUT A BABY. Kidding, please don't breed. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!~


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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gigantic solar waterfall for 2016 Olympics~

It is a huge solar powered waterfall standing 105m above sea level, designed by Swiss architecture firm RAFAA for 2016 Olympic Games. Named the Solar City Tower, the building is equipped with solar panels, the solar energy to pump seawater to its top, and resulting falling water spins turbines that produce energy during the night. For some occasions, the tower can transform into an urban waterfall the designer calls "a symbol for the forces of nature." RAFAA expect to fill the building with an amphitheater, auditorium, cafeteria and shops. This solar city tower even includes bungee jumping and a “glass sky walk” on the very top.
"The aim of this project is to ask how the classic concept of a landmark can be reconsidered. It is less about an expressive, iconic architectural form; rather, it is a return to content and actual, real challenges for the imminent post-oil-era. This project represents a message of a society facing the future; thus, it is the representation of an inner attitude. Our project, standing in the tradition of "a building/city as a machine", shall provide energy both to the city of Rio de Janeiro and its citizens while using natural resources."~

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Eurocopter EC145 Helicopter~

Mercedes-Benz and Eurocopter have worked together to unveil the Mercedes-Benz Style EC145 luxury helicopter. It is an eight seats, twin-engine turbine luxury helicopter, the cabin layout has been inspired by Mercedes-Benz’s new R-Class range. The EC145 is equipped with comfortable seats made of exclusive materials coupled with sumptuous wood for the floors and ceiling. All seats are mounted on rails and can be quickly and easily reconfigured or removed to make room for luggage. There are also three multi-function boxes with features such as a cool box, cup holder, table, 15-inch monitor and DVD player. The interior offers supreme flexibility for both business and private travel: in the partition wall which separates the cockpit from the cabin, extra storage space is provided by drawers~

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Star Wars AT-AT Baby Stroller~

The awesome Star Wars AT-AT Baby Stroller. Too Cool~

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Playing The Drums In The Rain Umbrella (Drumbrella)~

The Rain Drum (why didn't you call it the Drumbrella?!) is a conceptual umbrella designed by Dong Min Park to provide a little musical accompaniment to a walk through the rain. You see (or hear!), each section of the umbrella is supposed to make a different drum sound (snare, bass, tom-tom, crash cymbal and high-hat cymbal) when hit by droplets. Neat. No word if it'll work with urine too, but if you want to walk by my apartment balcony we can test it. Like, for free -- I won't charge you anything extra on top of the sidewalk tax~

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Star Wars Day, May The 4th Be With You~

May 4th is Star Wars Day, so yeah, Happy Star Wars Day. You're supposed to run around telling everyone, "May the 4th be with you" because it's a Star Wars related pun, but I'm just gonna start drinking after breakfast instead. And since tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo I probably won't start making sense again till Thursday afternoon at the earliest. Unless you're convinced I've never made sense in which case you're right -- I don't mess with change, son, I'm only after that paper money. DOLLAR DOLLAR BILLS, BOOOOOI! Wow, I can't believe I typed that. Yes, yes I can (I skipped breakfast)~

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Simulated swimming pool with room inside~

Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich created this fake pool called The Swimming Pool, for The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan. Leandro put two clear acrylic glasses about a foot apart and filled the space in between with water. The top surface is also filled with about 4 to 5 inches of water so that it looks like a realistic pool~

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mug with a temperature sensor~

Mug with a temperature sensor($28) from Art Lebedev. You will find the silhouette of a battery symbol on the outside, a temperature strip become visible only when the mercury rises to 36 degrees Celcius (96.8 Fahrenheit) "The image becomes visible if you pour a drink hotter than 36 degrees Celcius (96.8 Fahrenheit)."~

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake Riding A My Little Pony After Killing The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~

This is a painting by artist Finch depicting Strawberry Shortcake riding a My Little Pony after killing all the Ninja Turtles. Frightening. And why is there a Rubik's Cube stuck in Leonardo's shoulder? Is that supposed to be some sort of social commentary? Something about puzzle toys being the Achilles' Shoulder of modern society? I'M NOT GRASPING AT STRAWS YOU'RE GRASPING AT STRAWS. I want a bendy one. I drink your milkshake! I drink it up!~

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