Monday, August 31, 2009

Setting A Good Example: Pole Dancing Doll~

These pole dancing dolls are real products despite everything you know about life telling you they shouldn't be. I'll tell you one thing: no daughter of mine would be playing with a damn stripper doll. I'm looking right at you, Barbie. Hussy!~

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OMFG : Disney To Acquire Marvel For $4 Billion~

Mickey Mouse, in a power move to impress his ratty love interest Minnie, has decided to buy up Marvel Comics for a staggering $4 billion. With the sale come all the right's to Marvel's cache of over 5,000 characters. FIVE THOUSAND!~

"We believe that adding Marvel to Disney's unique portfolio of brands provides significant opportunities for long-term growth and value creation," Disney president and chief executive Robert Iger said~

"We are pleased to bring this talent and these great assets to Disney."~

"Disney is the perfect home for Marvel's fantastic library of characters given its proven ability to expand content creation and licensing businesses," said Marvel chief executive Ike Perlmutter~

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Otamatone~

The Otamatone is a new sound toy designed by CUBE works and Maywa Denki, Japan's new-media artist~

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Dagobah Frog Habitat Tank: The Force is With You AND Your Pet Frog~

To become a true Jedi knight you must be properly trained. Both humans and frogs alike must travel to the swamp planet of Dagobah to seek out Yoda, the legendary Jedi knight~

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the money to send my pet frog to same fancy pants Jedi school. The best I can afford is this Dagobah Frog Tank. It might not exactly be a trip into the stars, but that’s the best he’s gonna get~

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Tea kettle of the future from Bugatti~

Could this be what all tea kettles will look like in the year 2050? Bugatti makes and designs exquisite million-dollar cars and lots of other neat-looking stuff, so why not insinuate itself into the tea kettle market? This Vera Electric Kettle's handle-embedded display shows you the time of day and a temperature indicator, and can even be programmed to start firing up that water any time of the day or night~

Its electronic control can accurately bring the water to your chosen temperature between 113 to 212°F, but it better complete its simple task fast, or else you're going to feel like you just got taken for $300 of your hard-earned money. But hey, it's Bugatti~

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

RIBA robo-bear ready to displace human nursing staff~

The truth about the oft-mentioned, inevitable robot takeover is that it will probably occur in a gradual, imperceptibly sinister manner thanks to the first wave of "cute" robots like the new RIBA. The large but cuddly robot's name is actually short for "Robot for Interactive Body Assistance." Developed by Japan's Institute of Physical and Chemical Research and Tokai Rubber Industries, the robot is primarily designed to assist humans that are unable to walk~

To help the RIBA perform this human interaction smoothly the scientists gave it soft, human-friendly urethane foam skin as well as face and voice recognition. The RIBA is an upgrade from its predecessor, the RI-MAN, as it can process information faster and has a look (Japan cute!) that the roboticists feel will have a more calming effect on Japanese patients~

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The Future of Fish Farming Is Giant Autonomous Roaming Robotic Cages~

Aquaculture produces around half of the fish eaten worldwide, and since wild stocks are waning and global demand for fish is increasing, fish farming is destined to play a big role. National Geographic reports on a possible future of aquaculture, which includes free-floating, autonomous fish farms that move through the open ocean that mimic the movements of wild schools. Scientists are working on remote control cages~

Automated cages could herald an entirely new form of fish farming~

They might be turned loose to mimic natural systems by following carefully chosen ocean currents. The robotic fish farms could help lead to larger, healthier crops of farmed fish far from crowded coastal areas, where farmed fish both suffer from poor water quality and, by producing waste, add to water woes~

Cages might even generate their own electricity by harnessing solar energy, wave energy, or other forms of renewable power~

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Wine Carafe With Wine Glass Inside~

There would be no need to keep a wine glass around when you have this carafe, if only there were a way to use the glass. Makes for an interesting conversation piece even if it is not all that useful as a carafe/glass combo~

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Sun Catcher~

Stirling Energy Systems(SES) and the Tessera Solar to develop an advanced solar power collection dish, the SunCatcher. At sunrise, each SunCatcher automatically rotates to face The Sun, and with automation software, tracks, collects, and focuses the sun��s energy onto a single point, the Power Conversion Unit.
The SunCatcher is a 25-kilowatt-electrical (kWe) solar dish Stirling system which consists of a unique radial solar concentrator dish structure that supports an array of curved glass mirror facets, designed to automatically track the sun, collect and focus, that is, concentrate, its solar energy onto a patented Power Conversion Unit (PCU). The PCU is coupled with, and powered by, a completely re-engineered SES Stirling engine that generates power grid-quality electricity~

The PCU converts the focused solar thermal energy into grid-quality electricity. The conversion process in the PCU involves a closed-cycle, high-efficiency four-cylinder, reciprocating Solar Stirling Engine utilizing an internal working fluid that is recycled through the engine. The Solar Stirling Engine operates with heat input from the sun that is focused by the SunCatcher��s dish assembly mirrors onto the PCU's solar receiver tubes which contain hydrogen gas. The PCU solar receiver is an external heat exchanger that absorbs the incoming solar thermal energy. This heats and pressurizes the gas in the heat exchanger tubing, and this gas in turn powers the Solar Stirling Engine~

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Clutch Chair~

The Clutch Chair made of 10,000 drinking straws! By Scott Jarvie, amazing!~

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Robotics group unveils next-gen wheelchair called the Rodem~

A group of Japanese researchers from the Veda International Robot Research and Development Centre have unveiled a vehicle they hope will become the next generation wheelchair for the country's rapidly aging population~

Dubbed the Rodem, the vehicle is designed to allow users to easily slide off and onto its seat, thus making it easier for the elderly and injured to move around without the aid of a nurse. No commercial release date or price has been announced, but the group, which includes robot maker Tmsuk Co., plans to upgrade the prototype with a more robotically enhanced version in the future~

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XBOX 360 Controller Bento Box~

The controller itself is obviously mostly comprised of rice, but the D-Pad was constructed from naturally grey Konnyaku (Japanese yam cake), while lemon peel, green apple peel, red pepper and dyed blue egg white make up the four colorful buttons~

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Tac Bac - Tactical Canned Bacon~

Tactical Canned Bacon is made for bacon fanatic, and perfect for your underground bunker. It has about 54 pieces of bacon per can(9 ounces ) and the cans have over 10 years of shelf life. You can check out from thinkgeek for $16~

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Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs~

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.

Neurosonics Audiomedical Laboratory footage! Directed by Chris Cairns, really cool!~

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ElectraPour lights up that stream of booze~

Our drink pouring could use some flair, and ElectraPour's LED light show is the ticket. Equipped with a red LED light that's activated when liquid passes through its spout, it somehow Illuminates that stream of firewater all the way into its waiting vessel.

The pourers are $7.29 apiece, and if you'd like to light up more of your drink ingredients, you can get a dozen of them for around $81. Too bad there's only red LEDs available — I would like to see an entire spectrum of colors available~

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Street Legal Bumper Cars~

Do want: these street legal bumper cars pack 500-750cc engines that are capable of not-so-legal speeds of up to 160 mph; they can be found prowling the streets of San Diego~

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This is the latest Clock that displays time using words, designed by Biegert & Funk. You can choose between English, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch lenguajes~

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I Love Science: Scientist Plan to 'Reverse-Engineer' Dinosaurs From Modern Chickens~

In the best news I've heard in a while, a scientist at McGill University in Montreal (I love you, Canada) is attempting to reverse engineer a dinosaur from a chicken "by altering chicken genes known to have evolved since the Cretaceous~

Needless to say, there are many problems with the very concept of making a dinosaur out of a chicken. For one, dinosaurs, as a group, are defined by only a few characteristics: a hole in their hip socket, some limb bone flanges, and other minor anatomical features. Changing chicken DNA won't produce those traits, because chickens already have them. A chicken, like all birds, is already a dinosaur. Getting rid of its feathers or giving it teeth won't make it more of a dinosaur than it already is~

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

OK Then : Magic Poop Collector~

If you don't like picking up after your dog but are cool strapping a plastic bag to its ass, you're in luck. All thanks to the revolutionary Pootrap (I would have gone with Shitbag)!~

An amazing new device that picks up after your dog without any hassles. Dog feces is extremely dangerous to people even if you pick it up. A residue is left over and can cause blindness, liver damage and death. The Pootrap solves these problems once and for all~

Are you serious? I mean, are you serious? They should at least be advertising how you don't have to bend over and not sensationalizing how dangerous dog waste is. And to prove a point (don't ask me what), I'm gonna pick up after my dog this afternoon with my bare hand~

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Movie Teaser: Inception~

Directed by The Dark Knight’s Christopher Nolan, Inception is a sci-fi movie set in the architecture of the mind~

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Super Mario Pinball Spotted Just Outside Tokyo~

Super Mario Pinball game spotted just outside Tokyo. Yuh know i remember this was featured in some issue of Nintendo Power. and what ever happened to king koopa's (bowser) 7 other kids? did he eat them or what?

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New Fanta Peach… Now available in Japan~

Here you are the latest Soft Drink available in Japan, the Fanta Peach, and to be fair with you, Fanta always had the best drink in Japan (As far as I am concerned), and this one tested pretty good~

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Do Want: This Human Ingredients T-Shirt~

This t-shirt lists the ingredients of human bodies in percentage order from largest to smallest. Did you know we're 0.25% sulfur? Because maybe that's why you smell so bad. Or maybe it's just your upper lip! BUUUUUUUURN. Your momma wears army boots and dresses you funny! This is the perfect t-shirt for Edwards Elric~

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Finally!: Heart And Star Shaped Cucumbers~

In Japan's unending quest to grow edibles shaped like other things comes these heart and star shaped cucumbers~

These cucumbers represent the cumulative efforts of an agricultural coop determined to make food preparation a little bit more exciting. Comprised of nine women in Chiba, a suburb of Tokyo, this grass roots organization cleverly uses plastic molds affixed to the stem of the plant, with which they can create heart and star shapes when the cucumber is sliced cross-wise~

These romantic cucumbers are selling at fancy supermarkets in Tokyo and as specially ordered wedding gifts at ceremonies throughout Japan. They cost 300 yen each (about $2.50)~

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Hellmann’s - It’s Time for Real~

Hellmann’s - It’s Time for Real from CRUSH on Vimeo.

This spot was created with Sons and Daughters director Steve Gordon for the Hellmann's site

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

History of Mario Wall Clock~

More than 25 years after his first appearance, Mario is still going strong in the world of gaming. He’s probably the best known gaming character in the world and his popularity continues to grow with every new generation of gamers~

This awesome History of Mario Wall Clock starts at the beginning with the original bittastic Donkey Kong Mario, and continues to display the evolution of the world’s most famous plumber with 12 rich color images. The 10.5 in squared clock is currently sold out. Bummer. Here’s hoping for a rerelease!~

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Batman Arkham Asylum Poker Set~

The Arkham Asylum Batman video game is on its way to the market, but isn’t here quite yet. If the anticipation is too much to bare, and your Batman Robe just isn’t cutting it, here is a way to at least have some sort of contact with the game before its official release~

The Batman Arkham Asylum Poker Set, much like the Joker Poker Set was for The Dark Knight, is an awesome piece of advertising merch that is actually completely usable by the buyer. Complete with its own own metal carrying case, the set features two different decks of cards as well as Arkham-themed chips. The poker set will set you back around $200~

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You've Got To Be Kidding Me: Winkers Jeans~

Winkers are jeans that have graphics on the ass that appear to move as you walk. They're called Winkers because the first pair they designed have a pair of eyes that appear to wink. These are by far the most ridiculous pants I've ever seen, so, yeah, sure to be a hit~

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Segway's Little Sister: The eniCycle~

The eniCycle was designed by Aleksander Polutnik and is the lovechild of a Segway and whatever the hell this thing is. And I, for one, would totally ride it. Without a helmet. I'm bad!~

The EniCycle is powered by an electric 1000 watt hub motor that you lean forward to set into motion--just like a Segway. Measuring your vertical angle 100 times a second, the gyroscopes make adjustments to help keep you balanced~

Not only would I ride the hell out of this thing, I would do it juggling bears. And not just because I'm hardcore, but because I'm classically trained for the circus. Just sayin', I can eat fire (now booking birthday parties)~

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Friday, August 21, 2009

'Avatar' Trailer: It Will Destroy Everything You Hold Dear!~

James Cameron's Avatar is being called everything from "a gamechanger" to "a life destroyer" to "something that will forcefully fill every one of your orifices with three-dimensionalness." The film's first trailer has finally been released, so now you can see what all the fanboy catcalls were all about. I guess the game changing part is that this is the first forest species to look slightly more convincing than Ewoks?~

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The Awesome Terminator USB Skull~

Solid Alliance[JP] has announced a awesome Terminator skull USB memory stick(the skull from Terminator 4 - Salvation), Cool! It has 2GB of storage, and weighs 42g. The skull is available in Japan Trend Shop for $150~

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Gorillatorch Is So Smart and Cute I Want to Adopt a Dozen~

Here is one of the most brilliant ideas in a long time: The Gorillatorch, a combination of a LED light source and the classic Gorillapod wrappable legs with "super-strong magnetic feet~

The Gorillatorch has a big dial to adjust its lighting power—which shines at a maximum 65 lumens/1 watt on three AA bateries—and it's water resistant. The magnetic feet allows it to attach to almost any metallic surface, while the flexible legs take care of the rest. At $30, there's little bad to say about this little fella, other than it's damn cute and I want one. Make that a dozen~

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Marvel Comic Murals~

Swank it is not, but this Marvel Comic Mural will elevate your geek cred to superhero status; it spans 9′ x 15′ and is plastered with comic book covers from the X-Men, Hulk and Thor~

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Star Trek: TNG Collection~

Available 9/22, Star Trek: TNG Movie Collection is a five-disc set with Picard and crew (Generations, First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis) plus a fifth bonus disc~

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Future Watch: Robotic Prostitutes~

It sounds like science fiction, but robot bar staff, hotel rooms that change colour, cruise ships as big as aircraft carriers and even robot sex are part of the future for travellers, a tourism conference has been told~

Tourism futurologist Ian Yeoman, from Victoria University, gave a preview of what the world could be like in 2050, shaped by global warming, an older population, food, water and jet fuel supply problems and technological advances~

Dr Yeoman said the future may see a more controlled society with a return to mass tourism spawning a range of new indoor tourism products. Indoor artificial ski centres, circuses, zoos, golf courses and recreated landscapes, as well as giant cruise ships, could be among the new attractions. As costs for basics such as electricity and food increased, tourism operators could turn to robots as cheap labour~

Robot waiters at bars, remote-controlled camera-carrying guard dogs in hotel lobbies and self-cleaning hotel rooms were all likely~

"Robotics will become important, because you're going to have labour shortages in the future," he said. "You'll have some sort of interaction in terms of robots doing certain types of mundane activities."~

Even robot "prostitutes" that would not pass on diseases such as HIV could make an appearance, he said~

"But you're talking about extreme futures."~

Dr Yeoman said technology would also revolutionise hotel bedrooms, with beds that sensed a guest's comfort needs and chemical wallpaper that could change colour to suit a guest's mood~

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WindowPhone concept points to future of touch cell phones~

This is the new Window Phone from designer Seunghan Song. The phone would essentially be translucent, displaying information and images on a window-like surface in a form factor relatively similar to the iPhone's~

The killer feature of this concept phone is its ability to change the look of the display glass to match the current weather conditions of your location (i.e. sunny day equals clear screen, rainy day equals virtual droplets on your screen). The weather screen functions would also be interactive, allowing you to draw a message during a snowy and have it instantly transformed into an SMS message. Of course there are some impractical aspects of such a design, but with the newfound success of smartphones it's clear that some iteration of this kind of concept phone will likely see reality in the relatively near future~

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Tricorder PMP-09~

So realistic it’d fool a Vulcan, the Tricorder PMP-09 is a working audio and video player with 2.8″ TFT screen, 12 LCARS interfaces and six skins including Borg and Medical tricorders~

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Toy Soldiers~

Toy Soldiers from Alta Media Productions on Vimeo.

Toy Soldiers by Alta Media Productions. Awesome, love it!~

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Klaps Stool by Malafor~

The Klaps Stool by design studio Malafor. Klaps Stool is a stool by placing magazines between the wooden pieces. It has small wheels attached to the bottom piece, so it is easily movable. I love this design~

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sport?: Indoor Synchronized Bicycle Riding~

I had no idea that such a thing even existed, but now that i do, i must say its stunning~

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A Giganitic Trigone Designed for New Orleans~

NOAH (New Orleans Arcology Habitat) or Arco(short for arcology), this massive trigone building that contains all the elements of a city within one structure. NOAH is a 1200-foot-tall arco designed especially for New Orleans. NOAH proposes to be a habitat for 40,000 residents who can benefit from the planned residential units, school system, commercial, retail, hotels, casinos, parking, and public works facilities. And features this structure will use an array of green systems, including solar panels, water turbines, wind turbines, fresh water recovery, and a passive solar glazing system~

Design Challenge:
1. The first challenge is to overcome both the physical and psychological damages of recurring severe weather patterns. Though re-population has begun, the need to provide a stabilized and safe environment is paramount to a long term recovery and economic well being of New Orleans.
2. The second challenge is that New Orleans has too much water. The city has been built at and below sea levels which creates consistently high water table and makes it prone to flooding and storm surges~
3. The third challenge is that New Orleans is built on soil condition which consists of thousands of feet of soft soil, silt and clay. These conditions make building large scale concentrated structures difficult~
Believing that NOAH is a viable plan, our solution to overcome these challenges is to take advantage of these seemingly conflicting issues with the introduction of a floating urban platform~

"The proposal places this 30 million-square-foot monstrosity on the Mississippi riverfront, just across from the central business district of New Orleans. Atop the multi-cavity all which will attempt to be hurricane proof, there will be 20,000 residential units, three hotels, 1,000,000 square feet of commercial space, plenty of cultural facilities and offices, a 20,000 healthcare clinic, and of course, just for fun, a trio of casinos."~

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Sure Why Not : Veggie KitKat is being released in Japan~

What seems to be a mismatch of crunchy chocolate and vegetable juice, isn’t so terrible to Japanese taste because vegetable juice in Japanese is always sickly sweet with sugar and apple juice added– yuck–Or worse, it has apple juice mixed with vile green kale juice~

Watch the sweet green horror of “Po pi po”—Miku Hatsune’s Vegetable Juice Dance~

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Sadly, the Star Trek Enterprise Record Player is just a concept~

Now I know why blogs with concept gadgets as their focal point manage to attract quite a handful of readers. The concept products are such that the reader just cannot resist being attracted, but sadly, it ends up as a wish that it was real. The Star Trek Enterprise Record Player is yet another concept we wish was real~

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I See You, Little Stuff!: A USB Microscope~

This week e-Supply Japan announced the EEA-MAN1011, an digital USB microscope to use with a PC. It's powered by a 2Mpix censor manufactured in by Sanyo Japan with a 5x to 150x zoom. It also features an LED and will be sold in Japan at around 12,500 Yen~

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The UFO Cap Umbrella~

It is a rain cap and also an umbrella! The UFO Cap designed by a company from Korea. The UFO Cap Umbrella doesn��t have a handle, so you can fold it up and keep it in your purse or backpack. And since your head holds it up, both of your hands are free. It looks weird when you let it on your head. The downside is the multitude of people who point and laugh at you. Haha!~

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NASA discovers building blocks of life on a comet~

NASA says that life was delivered to Earth on a comet. The NASA Stardust spacecraft flew past Comet 81P/Wild 2 in 2004, collected dust samples on four tiny pieces of aluminum foil, and then returned them to Earth in 2006. It's taken three years for scientists to determine exactly what is on those samples~

After some clever laboratory work, scientists announced the discovery of the amino acid glycine in the comet's dust. Such amino acids are made by mixing organic carbon-containing compounds with water. Zap them with energy by way of commonly available photons, and suddenly you have amino acids, then DNA, and ultimately, people~

Add this discovery to previous finds of amino acids on meteorites, and scientists say this confirms the building blocks of life were delivered to Earth from extraterrestrial travelers such as comets and meteors. And here we were thinking life was delivered to Earth in seven days. So we are stardust after all~

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Chimpanzee hoses down bear cubs~

A video of genius chimpanzee Pan-kun learning how to hose down bear cubs at his zoo (English subs are provided to explain what is going on)~

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Aroma USB – Let no foul smell create a negative impression~

Having foul smells around your workstation can raise few noses with disgust, creating a negative impression about you, and you definitely wouldn’t want the lady sitting next to you to get those vibes for sure. To make things worse, imagine you even forgot to apply a cologne. Got no other option then to skip the office? Well, you needn’t worry, because with the Aroma USB drive dispensing fair amount of fragrance, you can concentrate on your work and even impress your opposite counterpart at the same time. The Aroma USB drive is available in lavender, lemongrass, and orange fragrances, but doesn’t have any memory~

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McQuarrie Action Figures~

The McQuarrie set of 13 action figures is a piece of Star Wars history; it’s based on the pre-concept character designs commissioned by George Lucas and created by Ralph McQuarrie~

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Simple and Samrt : The Screw Keys~

The Screw Keys($4.5) is a good idea. They are constructed of heat treated, Blackend steel. Including one Phillips and one Straight Blade~

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New Line Of Marc Ecko Star Wars Hoodies~

this is the latest line, available this October for about $100 a pop (click HERE to see them all). I'm really feeling some of the designs, but I'm still holding out for a Chewbacca model. BUT NOT WITH REAL FUR. I don't do fur. Unless we're talking furplay, in which case, all systems go. I'm looking at you, guy at the car dealership in a gorilla suit~

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