Saturday, July 31, 2010

Japan gets 3D Blu-ray recorders, US customers can suck it~

It's been nearly four years since Blu-ray was launched, yet it's still almost impossible to buy a Blu-ray recorder in the US. Now Japanese customers are getting 3D Blu-ray recorders~

Toshiba has announced five 3D recordable Blu-ray recorders for home market, all of which have built in hard drives. The flagship RD-X10 with come ready for 3D out of the box and includes a 2TB HDD for 220,000 Yen ($2,550), while lesser "3D ready" models will start at 80,000 Yen ($925) for the D-BZ500~

Sure, most Americans these days record things to a DVR, but even with a 1TB HDD, my own DVR is starting to get pretty full. No to mention the possibility of losing everything if that sucker ever crashes. It would be nice if we could archive things permanently onto a disc with a recorder like this~

via : crunchgear

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