Thursday, January 13, 2011

Han Solo's in Firefly?!~

As it turns out, a Han Solo in Carbonite was brought on set since Nathan Fillion is such a huge Star Wars fan. The props team joked around and added it to sets whenever they could, it apparently became a running joke. It didn't get grabbed out of every scene before shooting though~

The Message - look above Kaylee's hammock on the top right~

Heart of Gold - look just above Mal's left shoulder~

Jaynestown - look just to the right of the bartender's head~

Objects in Space - look to the left of Book on the counter~

There's a rumor that there's one hidden in every episode, but these are the only ones I could dig up. It makes me extraordinarily happy to know about this hidden gem in the Firefly 'verse~

via : geekwithcurves

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  1. easter eggs! man if it wasn't explained here i wouldn't have known it. i love looove firefly.