Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bottled Monster Hunter?~

Asahi made this drink to celebrate the launch in the series of the hit game “Monster Hunter Portable 3d” hence the odd drink name “Monster Hunter.” The “Dodecamin” part of the name is just a mash-up of the Japanese word “Dodeca” meaning ’super-power’ and the engrish word “Vitamin.”

As odd as the overwrought graphics on the label look and as unwieldily the name of the product is, you would be surprised what a glass of Dodecamin Monster Hunter drink looks like. glass of dodecamin monster hunter drink~

And, it tastes about as peculiar as it looks—a bilious yellow, nearly flat carbonated, fruit-flavored, vitamin drink containing, “fructose glucose, honey, citrulline, guarana, maca, citric acid, etc.” Yum~

It turns out that Asahi has a whole series of Monster Hunter drinks as shown below, which will be marketed for a limited time~

via : Asahi

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