Thursday, September 9, 2010

Have Fun With The Apocalypse, Suckers: Possible Livable Solar System Discovered~

Did I mention it's only 127 light-years away? Start packing the rocketship! Haha, not you. You're not coming. Astronomers have discovered a planetary system containing at least five planets that orbit a star called HD 10180, which is much like our own Sun~

Christophe Lovis from Geneva University's observatory in Switzerland was lead researcher on the study. He said that his team had probably found "the system with the most planets yet discovered"~

"This also highlights the fact that we are now entering a new era in exoplanet research - the study of complex planetary systems and not just of individual planets," he said~

They say this is the "richest" system of exoplanets - planets outside our own Solar System - ever found~

Richest system of exoplanets ever found?! Count me in~

via : bbcnews

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